Redeemed of the Earth (Victory over Satan means the redemption of men and women from every nation  )

Bible - Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

Sign of the End (Jesus declared the end will come when the Gospel of the Kingdom is proclaimed to all nations)

End-Time People of God – (The church is where the final war is waged between the Lamb and the Dragon)

Communion - Photo by James Coleman on Unsplash

Priestly Reign of the Saints – (The saints reign as a kingdom of priests now and during the thousand years)

Neither Jew nor Gentile – (In light of Jesus Christ, the old social, racial and national distinctions have no place among the people of God)

The Church is Appointed for Tribulation – (Suffering for Jesus is the highest honor to befall a disciple.

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The Last Days in light of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

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