The Devil’s Kryptonite – (What Satan fears most is Christ crucified and a people conformed to that pattern that will follow him wherever he goes)

Signs and Wonders or Christ Crucified – (Claims that God will reap a great harvest of souls because of the mighty “signs and wonders” the church will perform do not square with Scripture)

Perfect as your Heavenly Father – (The “perfection” disciples are summoned to is achieved by emulating the love and mercy of God)

Disciples and Governing Powers – (The Cross of Christ is incompatible with any program or ideology that calls for revolution, regime change or violence)


The Tribulation of the Church – (In Revelation, faithful saints experience “tribulation,” whereas, the unrepentant undergo “wrath“)

Persecution, Suffering, Discipleship – (The disciple of Jesus is granted the great privilege and honor of enduring insults, hatred, and even violence on his behalf)

The Christian Response to Persecution – (How should believers react to persecution by a hostile State of society?)

The Beast Wars Against the Saints – (Revelation 13:6-10The Beast from the sea wages war on behalf of the Dragon to destroy the “saints,” the “seed of the Woman”)


Jesus and Food Laws – (Christ’s saying about eating with unwashed hands undermines the religious logic of dietary restrictions)

Paul on Dietary and Calendrical Regulations – (Based on the teachings of Jesus, the Apostle argued that scruples about holy days and food are matters of individual conscience)

Circumcision, A Cutting Issue – (If circumcision is no longer required, then the jurisdiction of the Mosaic Law has been changed)

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The Last Days in light of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

My Prophetic Reflections

My own story, plus reactions to developments in the Church

Final Word

The Word of the Son, the Word made Flesh

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