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Meaning of Discipleship – (To be his disciple means to pursue self-sacrificial service for others)

Greatness in the Kingdom – (To be a true member of his kingdom means a life of self-sacrificial service to others)

Signs and Wonders or Christ Crucified – (Claims that God will reap a great harvest of souls because of the mighty “signs and wonders” the church will perform do not square with Scripture)


Blameless in Holiness – (Paul used his own afflictions to remind the Thessalonians that believers are appointed for tribulation)

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Appointed for Tribulation – (His disciples escape God’s wrath but endure tribulation to which they have been appointed)

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Tribulation of the Saints – (Faithful saints experience tribulation, but the unrepentant inhabitants of the earth undergo wrath)

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Beastly Warfare – (In Revelation, Satan attacks the “Lamb” by persecuting his followers)

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The Dragon’s War – (The Dragib wages war against the “saints,” the followers of the Lamb)

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War Against the Saints – (The Beast wages war on behalf of the Dragon to destroy the saints)

Overcoming Saints – (Overcoming saints persevere in the testimony of Jesus no matter the cost, “even unto death“)

Persecution, Suffering, Discipleship – (The disciple of Jesus is granted the great privilege and honor of enduring insults, hatred, and even violence on his behalf)


Circumcision, A Cutting Issue – (If circumcision is no longer required, then the jurisdiction of the Mosaic Law has been changed)

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The Last Days in light of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

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