Beast from the Sea, Little Horn

Mouth Speaking Great Things

In Revelation, the “little horn” is NOT explicitly named but its characteristics are present in the “Beast from the sea.” But the book does not retell the same story without changes. Instead, it modifies and repurposes it to tell ITS story. The “Beast” is based on Daniel’s “little horn,” but it also is something beyond it, and arguably, far worse.

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Abyss - Photo by Eric Muhr on Unsplash
Abyss, Beast from the Sea


The Abyss is the source of satanic attacks against the saints even though it remains under the authority of the Lamb – Revelation 11:7. 

When it is first introduced, “smoke” and locust-like creatures ascend from the “Abyss” to torment the “inhabitants of the earth.” In Revelation, it is the deep pit from which satanic agencies ascend to wreak havoc and wage war against the “saints.” It is also the “prison” where demonic forces are imprisoned until their appointed time to execute their malevolent plans.

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Dragon, Satan, Short Season


The Devil will be granted a final short season to persecute the saints before the end of the age – Revelation 12:12.

When Satan is expelled from heaven, a “great voice” warns that the “Dragon” is enraged since he has only a “short season” remaining to inflict harm on the followers of Jesus. He attempts to vent his rage by persecuting the “woman” who produced the messianic “son,” but he is thwarted from doing so. Consequently, he launches his “war” against her “seed.”

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Messiah, Nations

Shepherd of the Nations

Jesus is the promised ruler from the line of David, the Shepherd of ALL nations – Revelation 12:5, Psalm 2:6-8.

The “son” born from the “woman clothed with the sun” is the Messiah who is destined to “shepherd the nations.” Following his enthronement, heaven declares that “now is come the kingdom of God and the authority of His Christ.” His victory over the “Dragon” results in the commencement of his reign over the “nations” from his Father’s throne.

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