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Lampstands, Spirit


Greetings are sent to the seven churches of Asia from God, Jesus, and the seven spirits of God that are before the throne.

The opening salutation to the “seven churches” is from God, Jesus Christ, and the “seven spirits of God.” The latter phrase is unique to the Book of Revelation, and the idea of God having “seven spirits” creates difficulties since elsewhere Scripture stresses His oneness. Moreover, in Revelation, the “Spirit” always speaks in the singular.

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Cyrus, Seventy Weeks

Start Date of the Seventy Weeks

SYNOPSIS:  The date of the commencement of the Seventy Weeks prophecy is provided in the first paragraph of Chapter 9 of Daniel – The prophecy of the Babylonian Captivity by Jeremiah.

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The “Seventy Weeks” prophecy of the Book of Daniel is one of the most perplexing and disputed passages in the Bible. One of the few aspects on which there is a general agreement is the length of the period described as “seventy sevens” in the book or 490 years. Beyond this figure, interpretations diverge on every other aspect of the prophecy – (Daniel 9:24-27). Continue reading “Start Date of the Seventy Weeks”