Signs & Seasons

The Great Falling Away(The New Testament warns about the “apostasy” that will occur before Christ’s return)

Final Events – (In explaining the future resurrection, Paul lists key events that will precede or coincide with the arrival of Jesus at the end of the age)

Two Final Events – (The New Testament warns of coming deceivers and apostasy in the last days)

The Times and Seasons – (The Apostle Paul did not need to detail “times and seasons” because Jesus will return like a “thief in the night“)

Sign of the End (Jesus declared the end will come when the Gospel of the Kingdom is proclaimed to all nations)

Normalcy or Chaos? – (Just as unprepared men were destroyed by the Flood, so unrepentant men and apostates will be overtaken by destruction when Jesus arrives)

Doomsayers and Christian Angst – (False prophets feed and profit from our anxieties about the future)

Is the Budding Fig Tree a Sign of Israel’s Restoration? – (Does Christ’s analogy point to a restored Israel?)

Times and Seasons – (The Day of the Lord will arrive like a thief in the night)

Paul, Signs and Seasons – (Did the Apostle provide comprehensive lists of signs that will precede the return of Jesus?)

“Know the Times and the Seasons” – (Jesus did not command his disciples to understand ALL the “signs” and “seasons” of his return in glory)

Abomination of Desolation – (When disciples see the desolating abomination they must flee Jerusalem ASAP)

THIS Generation -(The generation contemporary with Jesus saw the destruction of the Temple )

Beasts in the Church– (John labels false teachers in the church as antichrists, and their deceptive teachings confirm that the “last days” have commenced)

The Final Season? – (Because the timing of the end is known only to God, the disciples of Jesus must be prepared every moment for his sudden arrival)