Revelation 17 – 20


Babylon Revealed(Revelation 17:1-6 – One of the seven angels shows John the Harlot)

Baylon Rides the Beast (Revelation 17:7-13 – The Great Harlot sits astride the Beast from the sea)

Lamb Overcomes Babylon (Revelation 17:14-18 – The ironic victory of the Lamb over the “Great City”)

Babylon is Fallen – (Revelation 18:1-8 – The Downfall of Babylon begins to unfold)

Babylon Destroyed – (Babylon is desolated for its economic dominance and “sorcery,” and slaying the saints)

Heaven Celebrates Babylon’s Fall – (The courts of heaven celebrate the defeat of the Harlot)


Rider on a White Horse – (The “Lamb” rides from heaven with his “army” to “shepherd the nations“)

Beast and False Prophet Destroyed – (The Rider on the White Horse destroyed the “Beast” and the “False Prophet”)


Imprisonment of Satan – (Satan is bound from deceiving the nations until the end of the thousand years)

The Reign of the Saints – (Overcoming saints reign as “priests” during the “thousand years,” having overcome the “beast”)

Satan’s End – (Satan deceives the nations of the earth into the final attempt to destroy the church)

Final Judgment – (Following Satan’s defeat, the final judgment unfolds before the Great White Throne)


Lamb, Shepherd, King – (Jesus as the sacrificial Lamb began his messianic reign following his death and resurrection)

Wrath of God – (In Revelation, God’s wrath refers to the final destruction of the wicked)

Third Temple? – (Revelation does not mention any third temple during the Thousand Years)

Armageddon (The several battle scenes all present the same final assault against the saints)

Gog and Magog – (Revelation identifies “Gog and Magog” as the nations from the four corners of the Earth)

Multiple Judgments? – (Each of the three sevenfold series in Revelation concludes with a final judgment scene that transpires at the end of the age)

Armageddon – One Final Battle – (The several “battle” scenes in Revelation all present the same final assault by Satan against the people of the Lamb)

‘Rosh’ Means “Head” – (The Hebrew term Rosh in Ezekiel is not a proper name but means “head“)

Russia is NOT Gog, Magog or Rosh  – (Does Revelation portray a “literal” war between national armies or Satan’s final attempt to annihilate the Church?)

Multiple “Final” Battles in Revelation?  – (Does Revelation portray multiple “final battles or one battle multiple times?)