His Life


Arrival of the King and His Kingdom – (Mark 1:1-3 – The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus constituted nothing less than the beginning of the promised New Creation of God)

A Voice in the Wilderness – (Mark 1:4-8 – John the Baptist was the Forerunner sent to prepare the way for the Messiah and to herald the imminent Kingdom of God)

Wilderness, Temptation and the Spirit – (Mark 1:9-13 – The Spirit of God drove Jesus into the wilderness to be tested – However, the Son of Man succeeded where Israel failed)

The Anointed King – (As the Messiah of Israel, Jesus is the quintessential Man of the Spirit who is anointed to rule on the Davidic Throne – Psalm 2:2)

Arrest, Advance, Resistance – (Mark 1:14-15 – The Kingdom is not a distant reality but has commenced already in the ministry of Jesus, which began after the arrest of John)

His Authority over Satanic Forces – (Jesus demonstrated his authority over Satan by driving his forces out of the children of God – Mark 1:21-28)

His Authority over Disease – (Neither social conventions nor purity regulations prevented Jesus from ministering to the needs of men and women – Mark 1:29-39)

His Authority over Matters of Ritual Purity – (The touch of Jesus cleanses a leper – The forbidden contact does not render him “unclean” – Mark 1:40-45)

His Authority to Discharge Sins – (Jesus heals a paralytic, demonstrating his authority to discharge sins – Mark 2:1-12)

His Authority over the Sabbath Day – (Jesus responded to criticisms over his looseness to Sabbath regulations by demonstrating that he is Lord of the “Sabbath Day” – Mark 2:23-3:6)

The Cost of Discipleship – (Mark 6:7-13 – To be a disciple means to take up one’s own cross daily and follow in his steps, including death as a martyr)

Faithful and Unfaithful Disciples – (Mark 9:41-50 – Disciples of Jesus must live in the conscious service of others, especially to the weak. To abuse them is what it means for a disciple to become one whose “salt is salt-less”)

Greatness in the Kingdom of God – (Mark 10:35-45 – Jesus taught that to be a true member of the kingdom of God necessitates a life of self-sacrificial service to others, not power over them)

Attain Heavenly Perfection – (Matthew 5:43-48 – The “perfection” disciples are summoned to is achieved by emulating the love and mercy of God)

The Sobering Words of Jesus – (Matthew 7:21-29 – Disciples must follow the words of Jesus to enter the Kingdom of God)