Jesus – The Fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets – (Matthew 5:17-19Jesus did not come simply to do or to reaffirm the law, but instead, to fulfill it)

Attain Heavenly Perfection – (Matthew 5:43-48 – The “perfection” disciples are summoned to is achieved by emulating the love and mercy of God)

The Sobering Words of Jesus – (Matthew 7:21-29Disciples must follow the words of Jesus to enter the Kingdom of God)


Kingdom Parables – (Mark 4:21-34Jesus taught several parables about the kingdom of God and its unexpected ways)

The Parable of the Sower – (Mark 4:1-20The parable pictures the Son of Man sowing the “seed” of the gospel in the world where it grows unseen and in unexpected ways until the final harvest at the end of the age)

Greatness in the Kingdom of God – (Mark 10:35-45Jesus taught that to be a true member of the kingdom of God necessitates a life of self-sacrificial service to others, not power over them)


Temple Judged – (While leaving the Temple, Jesus pronounced its imminent desolation)

The Geographic Scope of the Olivet Discourse – (Christ’s predicted events alternate between the regional and the global in their effects)

The Temple Setting of the Olivet Discourse – (Mark 13:1-4The Discourse was given while overlooking the Temple)

Wars and Rumors – (Jesus did not teach that wars and natural catastrophes were indicators of the rapidly approaching End. Rather, deceivers would point to such things as “signs”)

Deceivers, Tumults, Opposition – (Mark 13:5-13The Olivet Discourse opens with warnings about coming deceivers who will deceive many with false expectations about the end of the age)

The Abomination of Desolation – (Matthew 24:15When disciples see the “abomination of desolation standing where it ought not,” they are to flee the vicinity of Jerusalem)

“This Generation” – (Did Jesus refer to his generation or to one in a remote future?)

The Budding Fig Tree – (The parable of the budding fig tree pointed to the imminent destruction of the Temple that Jesus had predicted – Mark 13:28-29)

Three Repeated Warnings of Jesus in his Olivet Discourse – (Jesus warned the disciples of coming deceivers, that God alone knows the timing of his return and, therefore, constant vigilance is vital)

The Task that Completes this Present Age – (Matthew 24:14The church must proclaim the gospel to all nations BEFORE the end of the age can occur)

“As it was in the Days of Noah” Normalcy or Chaos? – (No one knows the timing of the arrival of the Son of Man, therefore, his disciples must be prepared at all times for its arrival)

The Key “Sign” of the End of the Age – (Matthew 24:14Jesus declared, categorically, that the “End” will not come until the Church completes her mission to proclaim the Gospel to all nations)

“Know the Times and the Seasons” – (Contrary to a popular belief, Jesus did not command his disciples to know and understand the “signs” and “seasons” of his return in glory. Instead, it is “not for you to know times and seasons”)

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