Background Information

Unsealing Daniel – (Daniel was commanded to seal the scroll, but John is told NOT to do so since the season is at hand)

Introduction to Revelation – (Introductory and Background information on the Book of Revelation)

The Fourfold Division of the Book – (An Outline of the major literary divisions and features of Revelation)

Outline of the Second Division – (Revelation 4:1 – 16:21 – An outline of the second major literary division of the Book)

Seven Beatitudes – Call to Action – (The seven beatitudes in the book provide the church with marching orders)

The Isle of Patmos – (Background information on the island of Patmos and the imprisonment of John)

Revelation’s Recipients – (In its entirety, Revelation is addressed to seven churches located in the Roman province of Asia in the first century A.D.)

The Missing Seventy Weeks – (Despite its frequent use of the book of Daniel, Revelation does not apply its seventy weeks prophecy to any of its visions.)

Four Beasts in One – (The single Beast from the sea in Revelation is related to but distinct from the four beasts that Daniel saw rising from the sea)

Lord of History – (Revelation and Daniel proclaim the sovereignty of God over the course of history)

Unlocking Prophecy – (Jesus is the interpretive key to Bible prophecy)

Literal and Nonliteral Language – (Revelation informs the reader from the start that it communicates symbolically)

A Fully Opened Book – (Revelation’s images unveil rather than encrypt the true state of affairs)

Provided Interpretations – (Revelation often provides clear interpretations of its visions)

Common Errors of Interpretation – (Some common errors often made when interpreting the visions of Revelation)

Linear Chronological Sequence? – (Are Revelation’s visions presented in strict chronological sequence?)