Good News


Beginning of the Gospel – (In the ministry of Jesus, the kingdom of God arrived, beginning with his baptism by John)

Heir of the World – (The land promise to Abraham finds its fulfillment in the New Creation)

Hope for Only SOME Nations? – (Is the Good News of the Kingdom of God a message of hope for only SOME nations?)

A Demonstration of the Righteousness of God – (God’s faithfulness is on display each time He places a repentant sinner in right standing)

Righteousness and Wrath Revealed in the Gospel – (Romans 1:16-17 – Both God’s righteousness and His wrath are being revealed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ)

Future Hope – Resurrection and New Creation – (At the core of the Gospel are the promises of bodily resurrection and the New Creation)

The Message, Sign, and Hope of the Gospel – (The message of Jesus Christ and his kingdom is for all nations)

“All Authority is Given to Me” (Jesus received complete authority over the Cosmos after his Death and Resurrection)

The Beginning of the Good News – (Mark 1:1-3 – The good news of the Kingdom of commenced with the ministry of John the Baptist)