Inhabitants of the Earth, Persecution


The “inhabitants of the earth” represent the men and women who are excluded from the “book of life” by their own decisions.

Those who “dwell on the earth” are unrelenting in their resistance to Jesus and are wholeheartedly hostile to his followers, even rejoicing in the violent deaths of his “two witnesses.” Unlike the “nations” and the “kings of the earth,” they are beyond redemption, and their names are excluded from the “book of life.”

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Church Ruins - Photo by Osman Kahraman on Unsplash
Antichrist, Beast from the Sea, Persecution


In Revelation, Satan attacks the “Lamb” by waging war against and persecuting his followers.

At times, there may be so many “trees” that we find it difficult to see the “forest.” Put another way, details distract us from seeing the obvious. This is often so when dealing with the visions of Revelation. But according to its very first word, the book is intended to “reveal what things must come to pass,” not to conceal them or to mystify us.

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Beast from the Sea, Persecution, War


The Beast from the sea is authorized to wage war against the “saints” for its overlord, the Dragon – Revelation 13:6-10.

Next, the “Dragon” tasked the “beast” with the annihilation of the “saints,” and to facilitate it, he received authority over all nations and peoples. Humanity is divided into two groups: Those who “render homage to the beast,” and those who “follow the Lamb wherever he goes,” that is, the “saints.”

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Dragon, Persecution


After his expulsion, Satan waged war against the “seed of the Woman” – Those who hold the “testimony of Jesus”Revelation 12:7-17.

Having failed to destroy the messianic “son,” and thoroughly enraged, the “Dragon” vents his rage by pursuing the “woman” into the “wilderness,” and not by waging war against the unsaved “inhabitants of the earth.” Instead, prevented from destroying the “woman,” he persecutes her offspring.

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