God, Throne


God is the One who is and who was and who is coming, the Almighty Creator of all things who now sits on the throne at the center of the Cosmos.

In Revelation, God is the “Almighty,” the “One Who sits on the throne,” and the “Alpha and Omega.” But above all, he is presented as the “One Who is and Who was and Who is coming.” This is more than a declaration about His nature, for the appellation is modified at key points to mark the consummation of the present age.

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Sealed Scroll, Seven Seals, Throne


The One Sitting on the Throne held a scroll sealed with seven seals. A universal search was made for one “worthy” to open it – Revelation 5:1-4

Next, John saw a scroll sealed shut with seven seals and held in the “right hand” of the “One Sitting on the Throne,” who dispatched a “mighty angel” to discover someone from the created order who was “worthy” to take and open the scroll. Despite an exhaustive search, at least momentarily, no one “worthy” could be found.

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Creation, Throne


The image of the Throne presents God reigning at the center of the created order – Revelation 4:1-11

The vision of the “throne” is the theological center of the book and sets the stage for all that follows. In chapter 4, John saw the divine “throne” and the “One Who Sits on it” reigning from the center of the Creation. In chapter 5, he saw the “slain Lamb” take the “sealed scroll” from the “throne,” then all creation declared him “worthy” to open the scroll.

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Crystal Sea, Lamb, Priestly Kingdom, Sealed Scroll, Throne

The Throne, Sealed Scroll and the Lamb (Rev 4:1 – 5:14)

The scene recorded in chapters 4 and 5 is the theological center of Revelation and sets the stage for all that follows.  Through paradoxical victory, the sacrificial Lamb is crowned sovereign over the Cosmos. The declaration of the Lamb’s victory leads into the opening of the seven seals, which continues into chapter 8. It is the Lamb who takes the scroll and begins to break open each of its seals. Continue reading “The Throne, Sealed Scroll and the Lamb (Rev 4:1 – 5:14)”