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Gospel Hope, Gospel Mission, Signs and Seasons


According to Jesus. the end will not come until this gospel of the kingdom of God is proclaimed to all nations.

When the subject of the Second Coming is raised, inevitably, the question of what “sign” or “signs” will precede it is asked. And invariably, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, and similar catastrophes are pointed to as harbingers of the end. But Jesus himself gave us the definitive answer – The completion of the mission of the Church.

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Day of the Lord, Signs and Seasons


Paul did not detail the “times and seasons” since the Thessalonians understood that the Lord will come “like a thief in the night” 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.

Paul continued his discussion about the “coming” of Jesus by addressing its timing and how it will impact believers and nonbelievers. But rather than provide any chronological information, he reminded the Thessalonians that the “Day of the Lord” will come just like “a thief in the night,” as they already knew. No one except God knows the timing of that day.

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Olivet Discourse, Signs and Seasons


Instead of calculating times and seasons, followers of Jesus must always be prepared for his sudden arrival – Acts 1:6-8.

Did Jesus task his followers with knowing end-time chronologies, the “times and seasons”? Are believers able to decipher key “signs” by which they can decipher the time of Christ’s return? For that matter, did Jesus and the apostles leave us with a comprehensive list and timeline of end-time events whereby we can calculate the arrival of the end of the age?

Last Days, Signs and Seasons


Paul did not provide a detailed outline of the “signs and seasons.” Instead, considering the future, he exhorted believers to live righteously now.

Did the Apostle Paul instruct believers to know the “times and seasons” so they could calculate the timing of the “end” and the return of Jesus? In fact, considering that Christ will arrive “like a thief in the night,” he exhorted the Thessalonians to live righteously as the “sons of the light,” and to “watch and be sober.”

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