Saints, Seven Seals


At the end of the seventh seal, seven angels prepare to sound their trumpets, unleashing judgment on the “inhabitants of the earth” – Revelation 8:1-6.

The saints have been “sealed,” washed “in the blood of the Lamb,” and brought safely through the “great tribulation.” The full complement of “witnesses” has been numbered and assembled, and the time has arrived for judgment to be rendered against the “inhabitants of the earth” that persecuted the martyrs. Their plea for “vengeance” is about to be answered.

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Sealed Servants, Seven Seals


Before the onslaught of the “four winds of the earth,” the Lamb “sealed” his “servants” with the “seal of the Living God” Revelation 7:1-3.

Before the opening of the first four seals and the unleashing of their contents, it is necessary for the “servants of God” to be “sealed.” The forces represented by the “four winds” must be released to inflict “harm,” but not before the saints are prepared to withstand their onslaught. Moreover, the “seal of God” will enable the saints to “stand” on the coming “day of the wrath of the Lamb.”

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Day of the Lord, Seven Seals, Wrath


The sixth seal ushered in the Day of the Lord, the time of wrath upon the inhabitants of the earthRevelation 6:12-17.

The opening of the sixth seal causes celestial and terrestrial trauma as the “day of wrath” dawns. It was nothing less than the “great day of the wrath of God and of the Lamb.” Men of every rank panic in terror, but their every attempt to hide from the impending “wrath” is in vain. There is no escape, for no one can “stand” before the “Lamb and the throne.”

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Martyrs, Seven Seals


The fifth seal revealed the souls of martyrs kept underneath the altar where they pleaded with God for vindication and justiceRevelation 6:9-11.

The opening of the fifth seal reveals the souls of the martyrs “underneath” the altar. There, they plead with God for vindication for what they have endured at the hands of their enemies. But they are told to wait for justice until the complete number of their “fellow servants” who are to be slain, “just as they,” are gathered to join them.

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