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Patmos, Seven Churches, Son of Man


The first vision presents the image of one “like the Son of Man” who was walking among the seven churches of Asia – Revelation 1:9-20

The opening vision centers on Jesus and his care for the “churches of Asia.” At least one congregation faced imminent persecution. John did not begin his record by holding up his apostolic credentials; instead, he identified himself with the plight of the seven churches: He was a “fellow-participant” with them in the “tribulation and the kingdom and the endurance.”

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Fulfillment, Seven Churches


The prologue presents the basic themes of the book and declares that the season of fulfillment has arrived – Revelation 1:1-3.

Revelation’s first paragraph details its purpose, key themes, main characters, and how it communicates. Its purpose is to reveal, and its protagonists are GodJesus, and the “his servants.”It is “the prophecy,” and its source is God. The contents concern “what things must come to pass,” which provides its chronological perspective (“soon”).

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