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OVERVIEW – The Devil will be granted a final “short season” to persecute the saints of the Lamb – Revelation 12:7-12

When Satan is expelled from heaven, a “great voice” warns the “earth and the sea” that the Devil has arrived and is enraged, because he knows he has only a “short season” remaining to inflict harm on the people of God. First, he attempts to vent his rage by persecuting the “woman” who gave birth to the messianic “son,” but he is thwarted from destroying her. Next, enraged further, he launches his “war” to destroy the “remnant of her seed” – Those who have the “testimony of Jesus.”

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SYNOPSIS – War breaks out in “heaven” with the “Dragon” poised to destroy the “son” as soon as he is “born” – Revelation 12:1-6.

Next. John saw a new “sign” in the heavens – A woman “clothed with the sun, and the moon beneath her feet,” and upon here head a “crown of twelve stars.” She was pregnant and ready to give birth to a “son.” The birth of this child was in fulfillment of the messianic promise recorded in the second Psalm – The prophesied descendant of David who was destined to “rule the nations.”

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OVERVIEW – In Revelation, the “beast from the sea” is the latest incarnation of an ancient entity that has been stalking the “seed of the woman” since the fall of Adam.

In the Book of Revelation, the “Dragon, that Ancient Serpent” is poised to wage “war” against the “seed of the woman,” even while standing on the seashore to summon his own “seed” to execute this “war”: the “beast from the sea” and the “beast from the earth.” His target is the “seed of the woman,” composed of men and women that have the “testimony of Jesus.”

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SYNOPSIS – Satan offered Jesus unlimited political power to achieve his messianic calling. This he refused, choosing instead to submit to the cross – Matthew 4:1-11

On more than one occasion, Jesus refused political power and office. In the wilderness, Satan tempted him by offering “all the kingdoms of the world.” To attain absolute power, all that he needed to do was to “render homage” to the Tempter. Unexpectedly, the Messiah of Israel did NOT dispute the Devil’s ability or “right” to dispense political power. But he refused it and submitted, instead, to the path of the ‘Suffering Servant’ of Yahweh – (Matthew 4:8-9, Luke 4:5-7).


Wilderness, Temptation and the Spirit

SYNOPSIS – The Spirit of God drove Jesus into the Wilderness to be tested; he succeeded where Israel had failed – Mark 1:9-13

The first appearance of Jesus in the gospel of Mark is at his baptism in the River Jordan. The passage identifies him with his hometown, Nazareth, a small village in Galilee and one of no significance. However, its very insignificance plays an important role in the narrative – Jesus is a Messiah who does not fit any of the popular messianic expectations. (Photo by Dekeister Leopold on Unsplash).

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