Saints, Testimony


In the book of Revelation, overcoming saints persevere in the “testimony of Jesus” no matter the cost, “even unto death.”

Two themes are repeated frequently in Revelation – “witness” and “overcoming,” and they are closely related. Beginning with Jesus and his own “martyrdom” on the Cross, his followers are summoned to persevere in his “testimony,” and in this way, they also will “overcome” and emerge victorious in the city of “New Jerusalem.” They must “overcome, even as he overcame.”

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Dark Storm - Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash
Saints, Tribulation


In Revelation, faithful saints experience “tribulation,” but the unrepentant “inhabitants of the earth” undergo “wrath.”

John saw the followers of the “Lamb” exiting the “great tribulation,” having persevered through it. This striking image is central to the vision of the “innumerable multitude,” a company of men purchased from every nation by the lifeblood of Jesus. Having “overcome,” they stand triumphantly before the “Lamb” and the “throne” in “New Jerusalem.”

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Priestly Kingdom, Priests, Saints


In Revelation, disciples reign with Jesus and fulfill their royal role as “priests” who render service in his Tabernacle.

The self-sacrificial death of Jesus is THE foundation of the visions of the book of Revelation. And his death means the installation of overcoming believers to rule as “priests” in his domain. Already, he reigns already over the “kings of the earth,” and the outpouring of his lifeblood has consecrated his followers to become “priests” for his God.

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Saints, Seven Seals


At the end of the seventh seal, seven angels prepare to sound their trumpets, unleashing judgment on the “inhabitants of the earth” – Revelation 8:1-6.

The saints have been “sealed,” washed “in the blood of the Lamb,” and brought safely through the “great tribulation.” The full complement of “witnesses” has been numbered and assembled, and the time has arrived for judgment to be rendered against the “inhabitants of the earth” that persecuted the martyrs. Their plea for “vengeance” is about to be answered.

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