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The Kings of the East are identical to the Kings of the Earth that are allied with the “Beast from the Sea” – Revelation 16:12-19.

The “sixth bowl of wrath” presents an image of an army led by the “kings from the east” across the Euphrates River, a picture derived from prophecies of Babylon’s overthrow by the “Medes and Persians.” At the end of the age, God will use a “pagan” force once again to destroy “Babylon,” only this time “Mystery Babylon” of the Last Days.

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The complete destruction of Babylon, especially her economic power is God’s response to her persecution of the “saints” Revelation 18:9-24.

Next, Revelation presents the detailed description of the destruction of the “Great City,” and the justification for this action. In part, her demise is caused by the hatred of the “ten kings” that are allied with the “Beast” and driven by God to desolate and “burn her utterly with fire” for her dominance of world commerce and her “sorcery.”

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