666, Beast from the Sea, False Prophet

Religion & Economics

In chapter 13, John sees a “Beast ascending from the Earth,” the “False Prophet.” His intent is to deceive the “inhabitants of the earth.” The first “Beast” that John saw “ascending from the sea” is characterized by its political power. In contrast, the “False Prophet” uses religion and propaganda to deceive, and economic control to suppress anyone who does not submit to the beastly agenda.

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666 - Photo by Master Wen on Unsplash
666, Beast from the Sea


The “inhabitants of the earth” willingly venerate the Beast and receive its mark, although Christians are not immune to its allurements.

Discussions on the “mark of the Beast” focus on questions about what it is – a medical implant, barcode, tattoo – and the significance of its “number,” ‘666.’ As important as these questions are, far more critical is the question: How is the mark implemented, and how does the believer avoid taking it or the “number of the Beast”?

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666, False Prophet


All men and women that refuse to follow the “Lamb” will render homage to the “beast” and take its “mark”Revelation 13:16-18.

The “false prophet” uses the economic power of the first “beast” against anyone who refuses to give full allegiance to it. The “mark of the beast” is an economic tool. Commerce is the lifeblood of the World-Power and leveling economic sanctions against peoples is its primary enforcement mechanism. And economic restrictions mean deprivation and suffering.

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666, False Prophet, World-Power


The False Prophet employs economic pressure to coerce men and women to render homage to the “beast from the sea” Revelation 13:16-18.

The “false prophet” uses all the economic power of the first “beast” against anyone who refuses to give allegiance to the beastly system. The “mark of the beast” is an economic tool, a blunt instrument used to impose conformity on populations, for this figure’s ability to level economic sanctions against nations and peoples is the key to its power.

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