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The ‘Parousia’ of Jesus will mean nothing less than the resurrection of the dead, the commencement of the New Creation, and the final judgment.

The Apostle Paul used several terms to refer to the same final event, the “coming of Jesus,” but one that is especially prominent in his letters, “arrival” or ‘parousia.’ In using it, he provided his understanding of what will occur on that day. The Greek noun signifies the “arrival” of someone or something, and not the process of its or his “coming” (Strong’s – #G3952).

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The resurrection, the end of death, and the New Creation all occur at the “arrival” of Jesus at the end of the present age

When certain church members at Corinth denied the future resurrection, Paul responded by stressing the necessity for the bodily resurrection, and he began by appealing to the past resurrection of Jesus as the precedent for the future resurrection of believers, a key event that will coincide with his “arrival” in glory, his parousia.

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In his first letter to the Thessalonians, the Apostle Paul wrote to reassure the congregation about the participation of fellow saints who died before the Parousia in the glories of that day. BOTH dead and living saints will assemble to “meet” Jesus when he arrives. In doing so, he provided one of his more detailed descriptions of the “coming” of Jesus. On that day, dead Christians will be resurrected and, together with those still alive, will meet Jesus as he descends from heaven.



SYNOPSIS – Paul emphasizes the exalted position of Jesus that resulted from his death and resurrection – Colossians 1:18-19

In his letter to the Colossians, Paul stresses the exalted position of Jesus that resulted from his obedient death and his resurrection from the dead. Some members of the congregation remained confused about the authority of the Son of God, even over the spiritual powers that are hostile to him and his people. Therefore, Paul reminded them of just how highly God had exalted the one who became the “firstborn of the dead.”

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Future Hope – Resurrection and New Creation

SYNOPSIS:  The Apostle Paul links the bodily Resurrection of the saints with the New Creation. The promised redemption includes both.

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In the conclusion of the first half of his letter to the Romans, the Apostle Paul writes that for them who are in Jesus – “There is now no condemnation.” This happy condition exists because the “law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set them free from the law of sin and of death.” Continue reading Future Hope – Resurrection and New Creation