His Reign, Lamb


Jesus as* the sacrificial Lamb began his messianic reign following his death and resurrection, and now he is shepherding the nations.

The book of Revelation assures beleaguered congregations that Jesus does reign and has events firmly under his control despite appearances and hostility from the surrounding society. His kingly authority is based on his past death and resurrection, and the latter marked the commencement of his reign from the messianic throne.

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Lamb, Seven Seals


The Lamb opened the first seal, releasing a rider with a “bow” seated on a white horse, setting out to “conquer”Revelation 6:1-2.

Immediately after his enthronement, the “Lamb” began to open the “seven seals,” starting with the first four. His right to open the scroll is based on his sacrificial death. The Book of Revelation portrays events and processes put into motion by the Death, Resurrection, and Enthronement of Jesus, the “faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth.”

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Lamb, Seven Seals


Upon his arrival before the Throne, immediately the Lamb began to open the seven seals of the sealed scroll.

Often the forces unleashed by the “seven seals” are linked to the horrific calamities many expect to occur before the return of Jesus, and especially so with the first four seal openings, popularly described as the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse.” Supposedly, with His patience exhausted, God plagues rebellious humanity in a last-ditch effort to bring men to repentance.

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Lamb, Sealed Scroll


The central figure of Revelation is the slain Lamb, who alone is worthy to open the sealed scroll – Revelation 5:5-14. 

In the preceding paragraph, John saw the scroll sealed with seven seals held tightly in the right hand of the “One Who Sits on the Throne.” A search was made throughout the Cosmos to find someone “worthy” to break the seals and open the scroll, but no one could be found. This caused John to weep profusely. If the scroll remained sealed, its contents could not be revealed and implemented.

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