Inhabitants of the Earth, Lake of Fire

Fear the Living God

When Daniel was delivered from the lions’ den, “Darius the Mede” was relieved and issued a decree to all his subjects commanding them to revere Daniel’s God. But he also condemned the prophet’s accusers to be cast to the lions instead of Daniel. Both incidents are reflected in the book of Revelation.

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Inhabitants of the Earth, Persecution


The “inhabitants of the earth” represent the men and women who are excluded from the “book of life” by their own decisions.

Those who “dwell on the earth” are unrelenting in their resistance to Jesus and are wholeheartedly hostile to his followers, even rejoicing in the violent deaths of his “two witnesses.” Unlike the “nations” and the “kings of the earth,” they are beyond redemption, and their names are excluded from the “book of life.”

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Beast from the Sea, Inhabitants of the Earth


In Revelation, rulers and nations refuse to follow the “Lamb”; instead, they render homage to the “Beast.”

In Revelation, there are no geographic restrictions on the reign of the “beast.” ALL the “inhabitants of the earth” take its “mark” and render homage to its “image.” Not a single government resists the final incarnation of the “ancient serpent,” for it is granted “authority over every tribe, people, tongue and nation.” There is no mention of any exception to the rule.

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Inhabitants of the Earth, Seven Trumpets


The sixth trumpet unleashed the demonic horde from beyond the “Euphrates” to afflict the “inhabitants of the earth”Revelation 9:13-21.

The sounding of the “sixth trumpet” also marks the commencement of the “second woe.” While the description of the “plague” unleashed by the trumpet only continues until the end of chapter 9, the “second woe” does not end until the sounding of the “seventh trumpet” just before the final judgment. Presumably, the “sixth trumpet” also concludes at that same time.

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