Beast from the Sea, Four Beasts, Little Horn

Four Beasts in One

In the 13th chapter of Revelation, the single “Beast from the Sea” displays the same animal characteristics of the four creatures that Daniel saw ascending from the sea. John’s “beast” is from the same lineage, but it is also something more. It certainly is not identical to the “fourth beast” with the “little horn,” though it incorporates many of its attributes.

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Beast from the Sea, Four Beasts, Son of Man

On the Clouds

Key phrases from Daniel’s vision of the “four beasts ascending from the sea” occur in the New Testament, most often in contexts concerning the future arrival of Jesus, but also in passages about the kingdom of God and Christ’s sovereignty.

This is especially so in the book of Revelation. It builds its picture of the single “Beast from the sea” that persecutes the “saints” on Daniel’s vision of “four beasts” ascending from the sea.

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Empires, Four Beasts

Daniel’s First Three Beasts

In a dream, Daniel saw “four beasts ascending” from a chaotic sea. Each corresponded to one of the four parts of the “great image” that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream with the head of gold, a torso of silver, brass thighs, and legs of iron and clay. Daniel’s vision of four creatures utilizes that same fourfold structure.

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