Inhabitants of the Earth, Lake of Fire

Fear the Living God

When Daniel was delivered from the lions’ den, “Darius the Mede” was relieved and issued a decree to all his subjects commanding them to revere Daniel’s God. But he also condemned the prophet’s accusers to be cast to the lions instead of Daniel. Both incidents are reflected in the book of Revelation.

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Lake of Fire, Nebuchadnezzar

The Fiery Furnace

In the second chapter, the “Chaldeans” are demoted because of their failure to reveal the king’s dream. But in the wake of Nebuchadnezzar’s construction of his “great golden image,” they exploit the opportunity to inflict vengeance on three of the Jewish exiles for their earlier loss of face. Although loyal to the king, these three men cannot bow before the king’s idolatrous image.

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Final Hour, Lake of Fire, Mystery Babylon


Angels announce the judicial sentence of God on “Babylon” and the “inhabitants of the earth,” but “rest” awaits the faithful followers of Jesus.

Next, “another angel” announced the “fall of Babylon.” He was followed by “a third angel” who pronounced the judicial sentence on the men who gave allegiance to the “beast from the sea.” The passage uses Old Testament language from pronouncements against Sodom and “Gog and Magog.” In contrast to the impenitent, the “saints” look forward to “rest.”

Final Judgment, Lake of Fire


Following Satan’s defeat, the final judgment unfolds before the Great White ThroneRevelation 20:11-15.

Now, the “Dragon,” the “False Prophet,” the “Beast from the Sea,” and “Babylon” have all been judged. Their conspiracy against the “Lamb” and his followers only ended in their own demise. What they intended for evil the “One Who Sits on the Throne” employed to achieve His purposes.

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