Babylon, Beast from the Sea, Empires, Medo-Persia

A Theology of History

In the thirteenth chapter of Revelation, the “Beast from the Sea” is “GIVEN” authority over the “inhabitants of the earth” and the right to “wage war against the saints and to overcome them.” Satan’s imperial creature cannot wreak havoc against the church until he is authorized to do so, and only for the time allotted, the “short season.”

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Empires, Greece, Medo-Persia

The Bear and the Leopard

In his vision, Daniel saw “four beasts ascending” from the sea. The first three featured characteristics from the animal kingdom – the winged lion, the bear, and the leopard with two pairs of wings. The fourth beast did not resemble any known species of animal.

The fourth beast was a horrifying monstrosity with “great iron teeth,” “ten horns,” and another “little horn, with a mouth speaking great things.”

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Empires, Four Beasts

Daniel’s First Three Beasts

In a dream, Daniel saw “four beasts ascending” from a chaotic sea. Each corresponded to one of the four parts of the “great image” that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream with the head of gold, a torso of silver, brass thighs, and legs of iron and clay. Daniel’s vision of four creatures utilizes that same fourfold structure.

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