Crystal Sea, Seven Bowls


Having “overcome” the Beast, the saints stand on the Sea of Glass and sing the song of Moses and of the LambRevelation 15:1-4.

The fifteenth chapter introduces seven angels poised to empty the seven “bowls of wrath.” But first, we see the picture of “overcoming” saints standing on the “sea of glass” and “singing the song of Moses and of the Lamb.” This victorious company has overcome the “beast, its image, mark, and number.”

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Crystal Sea, Lamb, Priestly Kingdom, Sealed Scroll, Throne

The Throne, Sealed Scroll and the Lamb (Rev 4:1 – 5:14)

The scene recorded in chapters 4 and 5 is the theological center of Revelation and sets the stage for all that follows.  Through paradoxical victory, the sacrificial Lamb is crowned sovereign over the Cosmos. The declaration of the Lamb’s victory leads into the opening of the seven seals, which continues into chapter 8. It is the Lamb who takes the scroll and begins to break open each of its seals. Continue reading “The Throne, Sealed Scroll and the Lamb (Rev 4:1 – 5:14)”