Babylon, Mystery Babylon

Babylon Then and Now

In the book of Daniel, on the eve of the city’s conquest by the “Medes and Persians,” King Belshazzar gave a feast “for a thousand of his lords” and “tasted wine” from the sacred vessels that Nebuchadnezzar had looted from the Temple in Jerusalem, thereby disrespecting the God of Israel while also praising the false gods of Babylon.

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Babylon, Seven Trumpets, Two Witnesses

Slaying of the Two Witnesses

The “second woe” does not end until the “Two Witnesses” have completed their “testimony” and their “corpse,” singular, lies on the streets of “Babylon.” Only then will the final trumpet be heard as its ushers in the hour of the judgment. The martyrdom of the “Two Witnesses” puts the end into motion and seals the doom of the “Dragon.”

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Babylon, Beast from the Sea, Empires, Medo-Persia

A Theology of History

In the thirteenth chapter of Revelation, the “Beast from the Sea” is “GIVEN” authority over the “inhabitants of the earth” and the right to “wage war against the saints and to overcome them.” Satan’s imperial creature cannot wreak havoc against the church until he is authorized to do so, and only for the time allotted, the “short season.”

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