Antichrist, Empires


The Beast of Revelation is the embodiment of the ancient power that has been stalking the saints since the fall of Adam.

History repeats itself. It is littered with past efforts by tyrants and regimes to dominate the earth. Each may experience some success, but every empire that has appointed itself sovereign over humanity has floundered in the end. The kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar and Caesar ceased to exist centuries ago.

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Antichrist, Apostasy, Deceivers


The Church has been plagued with deceivers and apostasy, just as predicted in the New Testament.

The New Testament warns disciples about several things that will characterize the period between Christ’s first and second comings, ones that will intensify as the end approaches. They include an army of deceivers, deception, apostasy, the rise of a horrific malevolent figure, and Satan’s final assault on the church.

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Antichrist, Deceivers


The “spirit of antichrist” is raising up deceivers within the church, though a final “antichrist” will also appear at the end of the age.

The only New Testament author who uses the term “antichrist” is John, and only in two of his letters. He applied it to “false prophets” who were active in his congregations, false brethren he charged with denying that “Jesus is the Christ” and had “come in the flesh.” Such men were of the “spirit of antichrist” that already was operating in the world in John’s day.

Dark Figure - Photo by Joe Shields on Unsplash
Antichrist, Man of Lawlessness


Before the “Day of the Lord” arrives, the “lawless one” will be revealed who will deceive many with “signs and lying wonders.”

According to Paul, the day when Jesus “arrives” to gather his elect will not come until the “apostasy” takes place and the “man of lawlessness” is unveiled. And in 2 Thessalonians, he also refers to this dark figure as the “son of destruction” and the “lawless one.” He will use “signs and lying wonders” and “deceit” to destroy all those who “refuse the love of the truth.”

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