Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show to his servants, even the things which must shortly come to pass.”

Prologue to Revelation – (Revelation 1:1-3 – The Prologue of the book of Revelation)

The Season is Here – (Revelation 1:1-3 – In Revelation, the “season of the end” began with the Death and Resurrection of Jesus)

Greetings from the Throne – (Revelation 1:4-8 – The salutation from the Throne to the seven churches of Asia highlights the book’s key themes)

Seven Beatitudes – Call to Action – (The seven beatitudes in the book provide the church with marching orders)

Ruler of the Kings of the Earth – (Revelation 1:4-6 – The present messianic reign of Jesus began following his death and resurrection)

The Lordly Day – (On Patmos, suddenly, John found himself “in the Spirit,” projected into the “Day of the Lord” – Revelation 1:9-10)

Tribulation, Kingdom, Endurance – (Exiled to Patmos, John is a “fellow-participant” with the suffering churches of Asia)

First Vision – Son of Man – (Revelation 1:9-20 – The first vision on Patmos – The Son of Man walks among Seven Lampstands)

Seven Letters – Introduction – (An overview of the letters to the Seven Churches of Asia)

The Church at Ephesus – (Revelation 2:1-7 – Ephesus is commended for rejecting false apostles but chastised for losing its “first love”)

The Church at Smyrna – (Revelation 2:8-11 – Ironically, Smyrna is promised more tribulation based on its past faithfulness in persecution)

The Church at Pergamos – (Revelation 2:12-17 – The church at Pergamos is corrected for tolerating the teachings of “Balaam”)

The Nicolaitans – (The “Nicolaitans” encouraged believers to compromise with the idolatrous rites of the surrounding pagan society, including its imperial cult)

The Church at Thyatira – (Revelation 2:18-29 – The prophetess “Jezebel” deceived many saints at Thyatira to accommodate idolatrous practices)

The Church at Sardis – (Revelation 3:1-6The church at Sardis received no commendation, only warnings, plus a summons to repent)

The Church at Philadelphia – (Revelation 3:7-13 – Like Smyrna, Philadelphia received no correction. She was faithful, and therefore, will be kept from the hour of trial)

Big Ben Clock in the Evening

The Hour of Trial – (Revelation 3:10 – Because of its faithfulness, Jesus will keep Philadelphia “from the hour of trial“)

The Church at Laodicea – (Revelation 3:14-22 – The church at Laodicea received no commendation, only correction)

The Beginning of the Creation of God – (Revelation 3:14 – Revelation looks to final victory in the New Creation inaugurated by Christ’s Death and Resurrection)


He that overcomes, I will give to him to sit down with me in my throne, as I also overcame, and sat down with my Father in his throne.”

The Messianic Reign in Revelation – (Jesus symbolized as the sacrificial Lamb began his reign upon his arrival at the Divine Throne)

Death and Exaltation of Jesus in Revelation – (The book links his present reign to his past Death and Resurrection, the immovable foundation of his kingdom)

Apocalyptic People of God – (Jesus by his death redeemed men and women from every nation for his kingdom of priests)

The Redemption of the Nations – (The nations of the earth are found in New Jerusalem because of Christ’s redemptive work)

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