Introduction to the Book of Daniel – (An introduction to the Book of Daniel with a brief overview of how the Book of Revelation applies it)

Babel, Empire and Hubris – (Presumption to empire is the legacy of the Tower of Babel found in Daniel, humanity’s first attempt at universal rule and World-Power)

Land of Shinar, Nimrod, and Babel – (The first chapter of Daniel echoes the Genesis account of the Tower of Babel)

In the Center of the Empire – (Daniel 1:1-21God gave the kingdom of Judah into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, including Daniel and his companions)

The Dream of the King – (Only Daniel was enabled to reveal the troubling dream of the King, which unveiled the fate of kings and kingdoms – Daniel 2:1-49)

The Great Golden Image of the King – (Daniel 2:1-3:30The second and thirds chapters of Daniel form a single story as Nebuchadnezzar attempts to erect his version of the image from his dream)

Downfall and Restoration of a King – (Daniel 4:1-37The arrogance, downfall, and restoration of King Nebuchadnezzar)

Head of Gold Shattered – (Daniel 5:1-31The End of the Babylonian Empire, as predicted)

The Next Imperial Regime – (Daniel 6:1-28Daniel is thrown into the Lion’s Den by the new ruler, Darius the Mede)

Four Beastly Regimes – Vision – (Daniel 7:1-14Daniel’s vision of four horrible beasts ascending from a tumultuous sea)

The Identities of the Bear and the Leopard – (In Daniel’s vision, how do we identify the second and third kingdoms, the “Bear” and the “Leopard”? – Daniel 7:5-6)

The Fourth Beast – (The fourth beast is the main focus of the vision, especially its “little horn with a mouth speaking great things” – Daniel 7:7-14)

Four Beastly Regimes – Interpretation – (Daniel 7:15-28The Interpretation of Daniel’s vision of the four beasts from the sea)

Daniel’s Vision in the New Testament – (How the New Testament applies the visions of Daniel Chapter 7)

The Vision of the Ram and Goat – (Daniel 8:1-14The prophet receives a vision of a Ram overthrown by a Goat from the west)

Interpretation of the Ram and Goat – (Daniel 8:15-27The Interpretation of Daniel’s vision of the Ram that was overthrown by the goat)

Seventy Weeks – Prayer and Visitation – (Daniel 9:3-23Daniel’s prayer of collective repentance for the national sins that caused the seventy weeks of captivity)

Seventy Weeks – Six Redemptive Goals – (Daniel 9:24The interpreting angel outlined six redemptive goals to be achieved by the end of the “Seventy Weeks”)

Seventy Weeks – The Decree – (Daniel 9:25The “word to return” that marks the start of the prophetic period refers to the original prophecy of the seventy-years captivity by Jeremiah)

The First Sixty-nine Weeks – (Daniel 9:25The dividing of the 70 weeks and its first sixty-nine weeks prepare for the pivotal 70th “week“)

After Sixty-Two Weeks – (Daniel 9:26A malevolent “leader” appears who corrupts the city and people, and “desolates” the sanctuary)

The Seventieth Week – (Daniel 9:24-25The all-important Seventieth Week of Daniel)

The Final Vision – Introduction – (Daniel 10:1-11:4An angelic visitation to Daniel and the Introduction to the book’s final vision)

Persia Stirs Greece – (The conflict between Persia and Greece presented in the vision of the ram and goat is recapped at the start of the final vision – Daniel 11:1-4)

The Arrogant King of the North – (Beginning with the fourfold division of the Greek kingdom, the interpreting angel outlined the coming conflicts between two of the subsequent realms that culminated in the rise of a “contemptible” ruler)


Two “Little Horns”? – (The “little horn” appears in two of Daniel’s visions. Is it the same figure in each case, or two different individuals? – Daniel 7:7-8, 8:9-14)

Daniel in Revelation – The Time of Fulfillment is now – (The Sealed Scroll of Daniel is unveiled in the book of Revelation)

The Lord of History – (The book of Daniel proclaims God’s sovereignty over the nations)

The Identification of the “Little Horn”  – (The “Little Horn” in chapters 7 and 8 is identical)

The Decree to Restore Jerusalem – (The commencement of the “Seventy Week” of Daniel)

Daniel’s Fourth Beast is not Identical to John’s Single Beast from the Sea (The single beast from the sea seen by John is not identical to the fourth beast of the vision of Daniel)

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