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I write and occasionally pontificate on the kingdom of God, Christian discipleship, and end-times prophecy, but above all, on Jesus. Who is he? What did he do and teach? I seek to understand each passage in its literary and historical contexts. Currently, I reside in the city of Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island, Washington.


The Beast of Revelation is the embodiment of the ancient power that has been stalking the saints since the fall of Adam.

History repeats itself. It is littered with past efforts by tyrants and regimes to dominate the earth. Each may experience some success, but every empire that has appointed itself sovereign over humanity has floundered in the end. The kingdoms of Nebuchadnezzar and Caesar ceased to exist centuries ago.

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The Devil will be granted a final short season to persecute the saints before the end of the age – Revelation 12:12.

When Satan is expelled from heaven, a “great voice” warns that the “Dragon” is enraged since he has only a “short season” remaining to inflict harm on the followers of Jesus. He attempts to vent his rage by persecuting the “woman” who produced the messianic “son,” but he is thwarted from doing so. Consequently, he launches his “war” against her “seed.”

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Jesus is the promised ruler from the line of David, the Shepherd of ALL nations – Revelation 12:5, Psalm 2:6-8.

The “son” born from the “woman clothed with the sun” is the Messiah who is destined to “shepherd the nations.” Following his enthronement, heaven declares that “now is come the kingdom of God and the authority of His Christ.” His victory over the “Dragon” results in the commencement of his reign over the “nations” from his Father’s throne.

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Next, war breaks out in “heaven” and the “Dragon” is poised to destroy the messianic son as soon as he is born – Revelation 12:1-6.

In chapter 12, John sees a new “sign” in the heavens – the woman “clothed with the sun, and the moon beneath her feet.” And she is wearing a “crown of twelve stars.” She is pregnant and about to give birth to one identified as a “son.” He appears in fulfillment of the messianic promise in the second Psalm – Yahweh’s king and son who is destined to “rule the nations.”

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According to Jesus. the end will not come until this gospel of the kingdom of God is proclaimed to all nations.

When the subject of the Second Coming is raised, inevitably, the question of what “sign” or “signs” will precede it is asked. And invariably, wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, famines, and similar catastrophes are pointed to as harbingers of the end. But Jesus himself gave us the definitive answer – The completion of the mission of the Church.

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