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Deception_Pass Whidbey Island
Deception_Pass Whidbey Island

This site focuses on understanding biblical passages about the times in which we live, especially in light of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Apostle Paul declared that the forms of this age are already in the process of passing away because of the death of Jesus on a Roman cross and his bodily resurrection. All things have become new! Nothing can ever be the same, including the identity of the people of God. Even now, the “age to come,” the “new creation” has dawned.

Popular interpretations often begin with a misunderstood text, perhaps a verb tense, then assume multiple incarnations as they propagate in popular preaching and teaching.

A first principle must be to respect the text as it was originally written. The interpretive process must begin with what the author composed to meet specific needs in a real situation.

I have expertise in textual criticism, the reconstruction, transmission and the translation of ancient manuscripts. My bachelor’s degree is in Theology. At present, I reside near Seattle, Washington, USA.

All my posts are free. Anyone may copy and reuse them as he or she wishes, free of charge. If you are interested in supporting this work, please follow the link to my Paypal page.

David R. Maas


At Hastie Lake Beach on Whidbey Island.
At Hastie Lake Beach on Whidbey Island.

The Last Days in light of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus

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